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More page views than regular articles


More ad impressions per page view than regular articles


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Our clients cover live events 60% more after using Live Center

What our customers say

“Flexible, feature-rich, and user-friendly tool for minute-by-minute reporting”
Working with developer Norkon has been a joy. The product solved our (many-faceted) needs admirably to begin with, and we have been able to improve the user experience (for both journalists and readers) continuously since then.

Bjørn Tore

Amedia Journalist

User-friendly, reliable, and great customer support
Extremely easy to use – Reporters have found the platform easy to set up and navigate, as is illustrated in the number of live blogs they produce Fantastic customer support – The team are always on hand to offer guidance, fix any issues and implement new features

Peter R.

Archant Media

Live Center Solutions

Live sports reporting and media

Keep the game going, enabling play-by-play sports coverage.

Financial and market news

Make the most of real-time financial market data and investing news.

News and Media

Cover and curate news and media live with flexible real-time content.

Public broadcasters

Cover breaking stories live, with full control to ensure regulatory and ethical compliance.

Live Center Parachute

Continue to publish and serve content, even when your website is down.

Publish on demand at the speed of news

Tailor-made for journalists

Live-blogging platform for real-time publishing and content curation.

Empower journalists to publish content on the fly to:

Easy to integrate

Easy to low or no-code integration to get started with live blogging faster.

Give journalists easy-to-use, instant publishing tools to:

Monetize live blogging with ads and subscriptions

Automate revenue-generating powers.

Live, interactive experiences

Lets fans connect with you and with each other, creating more interactive live experiences.

Create easy interactivity for journalists to:

You are one step closer to launching your live blog