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Live Center helps news and media companies cover events and breaking news in live feeds. Create Live Blogs with engaging content, interact with your audience and customize feeds to strengthen your brand.

Engage your audience on your own terms

Complete control and flexibility over live blog

Full control & flexibility

Live Center gives you full control over the design of your live blogs, without limiting you to default themes or inflexible iframe templates.

increase traffic of live blog

Increase traffic

Engage readers and grow your
audience with rich content. Video, social media, and other 3rd party content can be added directly or automatically published.

live blogging solution with an affordable price

Unlimited integrations

From a quick-and-easy live blog to cover an event to setting up a customized live-news portal, to integration with mobile apps, Live Center has you covered.

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The most powerful live blogging solution in the market

Embed SoMe and 3rd party content, leverage APIs to integrate with any apps, and create custom functionality using Extensions. Live Center gives you complete control over your live feeds.

Trusted by 100s of publishers, newspapers, and media groups across the globe.

Live Center Solutions

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News Live blog

Live Center gives you complete control over your live blog to publish breaking news and visual content on your terms.

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Live Sports Coverage

Live Center offers a range of tools for covering sports that allows you to create a more engaging live blog for your audience.

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Live Q&A

Create a news feed and run Q&A or web chat to connect and engage with your audience in real-time.

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