European Parliament selects Live Center to cover the 2019 elections

European parliament Live election blog

European Parliament selects Live Center to cover the 2019 elections

Live election blogs powered by Live Center have been used by Dagens Næringsliv in the 2017 Parliamentary elections, and by Focus-WTV to cover the 2018 provincial, municipal, and district elections.

This year one of the rarest and most highly anticipated events is the 2019 European Elections which spans 28 member states and over 500 million people.

Building on Live Center’s success in live election coverage, the Directorate for Campaigns of the European Parliament selected Live Center to cover the 2019 European Union election24 unique live blogs were created, covered by 30+ editors, each customized for each specific language.

ARIA Accessibility Support

Being run on an official EU website, Accessibility for readers with disabilities was a key consideration to allow everyone to both understand and easily navigate the live blogs. To support this, Live Center was updated according to W3C standards and guidelines for screen readers and other accessibility supporting devices up to an AA standard under the W3C WAI guidelines. These updates are now available in Live Center’s live blogs for all our customers.

Visual and Social media

Their coverage started on June 20th to share information about the election, details about when different countries vote, and about the importance of making your voice heard. The content includes both texts, videos different video platforms, social media such as Tweets, Instagram content, Facebook posts, etc. to create a more visual and engaging live feed.

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