Live Center now supports Google Single Sign-On

Live Center now supports Google Single Sign-On

For large organizations with hundreds of users, maintaining individual logins for users across all solutions that are used on a day-to-day basis is often not ideal. Not only will it require users to manually create new passwords and remember these across dozens of platforms, but the user will also need to periodically these passwords at several different locations.

Administrators face similar challenges – supporting users with password resets, etc. across multiple sites and if a user no longer needs access requiring access to be manually revoked at each source. 

A more efficient solution for both users and administrators is the use of a centralized user management directory which allows users to seamlessly login across solutions without remembering usernames and passwords, and admins to control and revoke access from one location.

To help large organizations more easily manage their live blogging, Live Center now supports Google Single Sign-on 

Through the entire process of creating an account and signing in, Live Center gives users the option to bind their Live Center account with their Google account, removing the steps of creating a username and password. 

Once users have bound their account, they can easily sign in each time with google. Administrators can then control access through their google user control panel if users should maintain their access through their work google account.

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