WordPress plugin available for Live Center

Wordpress plugin and Live Center, live blogging

WordPress plugin available for Live Center – Live blogging

We’re excited to announce that Live Center now allows even more seamless live blogging from WordPress through our new plugin!

To ensure Live Center works seamlessly with the world’s most used CMS, a plugin is available on WordPress that simplifies the creation, management, and embedding of Live Center on the platform.

The plugin which can be accessed on WordPress’ website here will allow users to both create new channels, publish content, and embed live blogs all from within the WordPress environment

Additionally, users can quickly select which live blog design skins they want to use. Allowing much faster and experiences for content creators and removing the step of having to select the design from within Live Center.

The Plugin will be available to download from the WordPress plugin catalog and once downloaded will allow you to start live blogging in minutes.

Live Center can be accessed from within WordPress to create new live blogs and publish content

The plugin provides an easy overview of all channels that have been created on your Live Center account.

Users can quickly select which Design Skin they want to use – and custom skins can be added as well.

Search for your channel and copy the Shortcode

Quickly paste the shortcode in your article where you want it 

More on Live Center live blogging platform

Modernity & Adaptability
Live Center is built cloud-native, utilizing modern scalability techniques to ensure reliable and timely delivery of updates to all connected clients. As Microsoft partners, we work closely with the developments on Microsoft Azure, although Live Center supports running on other cloud providers as well. Live Center is the most flexible live blog in the market. It means that we will help you stay up to date with live blogging trends.

Extendable & Control
Live Center was built on the premise of being extensible to enable a rich level of customization or even replacing parts of the implementation completely to be in full control of the rendering when you need it. At the bottom level, our APIs surface all the data in a channel and can be used directly in apps or even widgets. Our out-of-the-box JavaScript library adheres to a modular structure, enabling you to pick and choose features and modules relevant to your needs, and plugging in your own features on-demand in an open-closed manner. The word press plugin is a great example of flexibility and extensibility.

Want to try out Live Center? Head over to Get Started – Live Center for more info about how to sign up for a free trial.