How to Automate Social Media in your Live Blog

How to Automate Social Media in your Live Blog

Live Blogging 

Your local football team scores in the 89th minute, a nail-biting election is unfolding, an alert for severe weather has been issued for the public. 

You are there covering everything minute-by-minute for your readers, providing them with the very latest update on what’s happening and what people are saying. 

You are live blogging – providing real-time coverage in a news feed of short, concise, and engaging posts. Live blogs are great ways to capitalize on breaking news since they generate huge amounts of traffic and allows you to build your brand as an up-to-date news source.

Winter Olympics Live blog

Winter Olympics Live blog

Enrich Live Blogs with social media content

Live blogs need to collect content from many different sources. Social Media platforms are great sources of content, both from official organization or company’s accounts, and from regular people expressing their opinions and experiences.  Collecting and curating this content adds both depth, clout, and visual engagement to a live blog.

Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos  and other social media content can provide insight into:

  • What a player on a team is thinking and experiencing during a game
  • How the weather looks at a location affected by a storm alert
  • What people are saying about a speech delivered at a conference 
  • How the crowd at a stadium reacts when a team scores

Social media is a crucial piece of live news coverage, but using it effectively is not as easy as it might seem.

The Challenge

With a wealth of content out there, how do you find what’s relevant to you and your readers? 

Working manually, you can search for hashtags on Twitter, or visit Facebook pages to find tweets and posts which you then copy and paste into your live blog software. But this is a herculean task that takes up valuable time which you instead could be spending on writing posts.

Additionally, you have to constantly revisit each platform to see if new content has been published, meaning you have to switch back and forth from writing in your live blogging software to finding social media posts. 

A better solution is to automate this search for social media across platforms and automatically pull in relevant content into your live blog platform. Our live blogging solution Live Center allows you to do just this! 

Social Media Automation in Live Center

By specify users, topics, or trending events relevant to your coverage,  and the social media platform you want to search, Live Center’s social media automation allows you to easily find and publish content directly in you live blogging solution.Live blog social media automation with Live Center

Live blog social media automation with Live Center

For example, if you want to find what people are saying about a trending hashtag on Twitter, such as #VaxjoLakers, you simply enter the hashtag and the solution searches through the entire Twitter platform and retrieves every tweet with that hashtag. 

Or you can follow the Facebook page of your local sport team, so that you don’t miss a single post they publish. Adding the team’s own voice to your live blog.

With any content, you can choose to either moderate the results and select which pieces you want to publish in your live blog. Or you can automate the entire workflow so that every post or tweet gets posted automatically to your live blog. Even with you are not logged in and actively live blogging! 

Live Center provides you a high level of control of what content you want to retrieve. Allowing you to combine accounts from which to get content with specific keywords that either includes or excludes the content from being retrieved.

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