Nettavisen covers elections with Live Center

covering election with live blogs and engaging your audience in real time

Nettavisen covers elections with Live Center

Norway’s first online newspaper, Nettavisen has had a digital presence since 1997 and has since set the tone and direction for online news in Norway.  

When looking for a more flexible live blogging solution, they choose Live Center which allowed them more customization and design control for their upcoming  “silly season” Football Transfer coverage.

Before the start of the transfer window, however, Nettavisen put Live Center to the test during the 2019 local Norwegian elections. Municipal and county representatives were on the ballot and the election was well-covered leading up to the election.

Nettavisen got up and running in just a few days with a fully customized implementation of Live Center. This included applying their own fonts, colors, and structuring the live feed to look integrated with the rest of their website.

The Election Studio they created, aimed to be a one-stop-shop for live updates from the election. This included an election result scoreboard provided by NTB news agency allowing readers to see results in different counties and states.

Additionally, the election live blog included a comment section for readers to submit questions to Nettavisen’s journalists. Providing Nettavisen with but a sense of what people were curious about, and allowing them to engage with readers through question-and-answers.

This is not the first time Live Center has been used to cover elections. Dagens Næringsliv covered the Norwegian Parliamentary Election in 2017, Focus-WTV covered the Belgian election in 2018, and most recently the European Parliaments directorate for campaigns used live center to provide updates in 24 different languages during the EU elections in 2019

Live blogs are one of the most popular ways to provide readers with updates of elections. Interested in learning more?