10 New Live Center Features You Might Not Know About

10 New Live Center Features You Might Not Know About

Live Center provides a wide range of great features that enrich readers’ experience and assist editors with smooth and intuitive tools. Here are 10 cool new features which are now available in Live Center based on customer requests, to facilitate editors’ job even more and to reach an even higher audience engagement.

1. Giphy integration

People love GIFs! Generally speaking, GIFs are a great way to add more context and bring in fun elements to live blogs, keeping younger audiences on a page and encouraging reactions. Live Center now offers the possibility to add GIFs in your live blog posts, where you can upload GIFs without worrying about any copyrights.

Giphy integration

2. Spam and profanity filter

To avoid undesired language and keep the commenting flow neat and positive, a spamming and profanity filter is now available. Live Center uses Azure Content Moderator, a machine-assisted content filtering software, to detect profanity in more than 100 languages and block offensive and unwanted reader comments.

3. Key events

Key events or story highlight is a great feature that allows you to highlight and link your story to other important posts or paragraphs further down. Readers can easily find important information by jumping ahead in your post to a desired section, just like with a bookmark. In Live Center you can place your key event on top or on the side of your live blog. 

Key events preview

4. Custom-made live blog skin design

Live Center provides complete APIs enabling newspapers to design and build the live blog solution that matches their requirements. Every component of Live Center’s live blogs can be designed and customized to fit the brand and design of different platforms and websites. Our JS library allows Live Center to do the heavy lifting of the logic in the live blog while allowing customers to control the design elements without having to worry about the impact of core functionality. Read up our tutorial on how to design your own liveblog with Live Center.

5. Twitter automation and ability to add all types of social media content

All social media posts can be embedded in a live blog post in just a few clicks, which helps newspapers increase their reach among younger audiences. For Twitter content, you can choose to either manually select which tweets to include in your blog, or you can set up an automatic connection to retrieve tweets based on criteria such as # or @.
Tik Tok, Spotify playlist, and Spreaker can be embedded by inserting embed code in our generic embed feature. Upon request, we can also provide native embeds that allow existing social media content to be added with just a URL.

6. Add 3rd party content through automatic feeds

Live Center seamlessly supports 3rd party solutions and data integrations. Integrating streaming sports data, election data or financial data is a core part of Live Center’s capabilities. What does content automation imply when it comes to news coverage and online media strategy? It comes down to the use of digital systems and technical processes to make news coverage more effective. In this context, content automation eliminates the need for journalistic input and provides your live blog with relevant images, text and videos.
Live Center integrates with Brightcove, NTB feed, Ritzau, and many more. Benefits of news data automation are:
– Speed up editorial workflow and reduces the chance of factual errors
– Save time by automating part of your news coverage allowing your journalist to spend more time on storytelling and creativity
– Save costs by having fewer journalists and resources for every event coverage

7. Find posts based on tags

Live Center now enables adding tags to your blog posts related to the subjects you cover and finding other posts based on these tags. This allows your readers to jump to different articles covering the same subject and recognizing your journalistic expertise and credibility of a given topic.

8. Upload your own avatar and icons

Icons and avatars can play an important role in your brand recognition. You can now upload your own avatar and icons that are aligned with your company for a complete experience and set the tone or urgency of your coverage with icons to capture readers’ attention with just one glance.

9. Single sign-on with Microsoft and Google

For an even smoother user experience, Live Center now supports single sign-on with Microsoft Azure and Google. SSO (single sign-on) authentication is a password-authentication strategy that allows users to sign into multiple systems and websites with a single set of credentials. The integrated authentication with Live Center makes it much easier for your readers to access gated content on your website, since they don’t have to sign on multiple times.

Image credentials: GeekforGeeks

10. Integration with analytical solutions (Google, Adobe, and so on)

Live Center integrates with analytical solutions to provide you with insights on the performance of your Live Center activities. Track which content performs best in terms of views and average time spent on it and keep the popular topics rolling.

We hope that this blog post gave you a good overview as to the new available features and context in which they might come in handy.

Check out the entire feature list here to see what is available in which subscription plan and if you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to reach out to us or to your account manager.

You can also test some of these features for yourself in a Live Center free trial.