Live blogging the FIFA World Cup 2022 with Live Center

Live blogging the FIFA World Cup 2022 with Live Center

Capture every critical play and drive reader engagement with live football reporting

For the millions of fans who are unable to physically attend the football games that make up the much anticipated FIFA World Cup, there are still ways to meet fans wherever they are with the latest play-by-play live coverage and analysis. Live sports reporting, aided by live blogging, will come in handy wherever football fans are. With live blogging, journalists deliver instant recaps of on-pitch action, results and commentary as the football World Cup and its many games unfolds.

Setting the scene: Prepare your game plan

In much the same way as footballers and team managers have a game plan and train for big games, journalists and media companies also need to prepare ahead of key sporting events. It’s easy to get ahead and set the scene with Live Center and its newest features. 


Live Center now allows sports journalists to get ahead of the game and add the names of players to the integrated scoreboard in advance, which lets them select players on the fly. No more entering the names every single time. Keeping in mind how fast the action flies on the pitch, journalists want to keep their eyes on the action. Not repeatedly enter the same information. That’s why Live Center is a lifesaver: it automates some of the repetitive parts of editorial tasks and frees journalists to watch and cover the game – second by second, play by play.

Score big on real-time event reporting

As the game unfolds, editors can provide timely insights by quickly logging any team activity right when it happens, such as swaps, yellow and red cards, and of course goals.

Adding the option to embed images, videos or Twitter feeds, Live Center ensures rich reading experiences for fans all over the world. Leaning on third-party integrations, Live Center can be set up to integrate with existing CMSes and provide a rich and immersive reader experience containing images or videos and all the real-time action journalists can report.

Grab readers attention & pique their interest

In a previous blog post, we covered how reporters can grab readers’ attention on a live blog page by highlighting specific posts, or by pinning them to the top, or creating a highlight panel that contains the header text of key posts in the feed below.
As readers, we are also naturally drawn to icons, which can be added next to the post to illustrate the content in one glance and enrich your live blog.

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