Four ways live blogging boosts your Black Friday plans

What can you do with a live blog to drive traffic, subscribers and referral revenue?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (the full weekend) is big business, and everyone is in on the action. Publishers and media outlets are no exception. The season is starting earlier and earlier, often to coincide with Singles Day in China (November 11), and to ensure that people are laser-focused on spending throughout November and early December. Early Black Friday deals are all the rage, and different retailers are beginning to launch their own promotions throughout the month to shake things up. 

How can your media company capitalize on the power of live blogging to maximize your Black Friday reach across the full holiday season


Drive traffic to your own site

Black Friday is an opportunity to get an untold number of readers to look at your digital properties, whether they are just checking for the latest news or specifically aiming to scroll through the most up-to-date Black Friday bargains. Pulling traffic in is the first step toward conversion.

Use your Black Friday live blog to get more eyes on your publication first before sending readers on to good Black Friday deals across the internet. You can start right now. Black Friday itself may be a few weeks away, but the deals and promotions are being announced constantly throughout the month of November.


Cash in on referral revenue

Major and minor media players alike increasingly focus on publicizing Black Friday deals in live blogs on their own sites, driving readers to great discounts on popular items while also benefiting from referral and affiliate sales revenue. 

Once readers get to your site for all the latest updates on Black Friday deals, send them to sites where you gain the most and that your readers will appreciate (to continue your relationship as a trusted advisor). You have an opportunity to get very creative here, as every kind of business gets in on the Black Friday action. 


Build a new subscriber strategy

While engaging readers with the latest deals, be sure to push your own Black Friday deals. Leverage Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost your own subscriber strategies, offering special discounts on digital editions of publications, offering giveaways like gift cards to incentivize subscriptions, and steeper discounts for longer-term commitments. 


Deal on your own terms 

Media and news outlets have an extraordinary reach, beyond that of single retailers. While retailers certainly pump ad spend into their promotions, live blogging is another way media companies can partner with retailers to promote specific deals and create buzz. 

At the same time, news outlets can shift the whole story and singlehandedly drive traffic and sales based on its recommendations. 


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