4 ways how newspapers can capitalize on live sports coverage and betting

Tap into sports betting and capitalize on real-time live sports coverage
116% growth in the sports-betting industry

As sports betting is becoming increasingly present and popular on various platforms for a wide range of sporting events, the news media now claims a stake in sports betting too. “The sports-betting pie is increasing at an enormous rate. The AGA reports that during August 2022, sports betting generated $471.4 million in revenues, a 116.2% increase from August 2021. (…) As sports media and sports betting have become cozier, newspapers and news outlets are realizing there are revenue opportunities for them, too.” – Bob Sillick, Editor & Publisher.

4 ways to cover live sports and capitalize on sports betting

There are a few different approaches and options for newspapers to cover live events updates and capitalize on sports betting.


1. Real-time game coverage

By providing in-depth live coverage of the games, newspapers can attract readers to their website who are interested in sports betting and want to stay informed about the latest odds, injuries, and other relevant information. One way for news platforms to cut through the noise and generate a constant flow of fresh content, both curated and custom is by leveraging live blogs such as Live Center. Read more about our tips & tricks here to show what’s most important to readers.


2. Involving game experts
Newspapers can provide analysis and expert picks for games and events, which can help educate readers about sports betting. One way to drive subscriptions and tap into the sports bettor demographic is to enable a Q&A between readers and selected experts, which encourages engagement on the news site.


3. Building out fan community
Building on the above, newspaper can take a step further and build on the fan community by leverage tools to increase fan commentary and participation. Fans consume live sports coverage across channels and are likelier to become subscribers and stick with the source that delivers the greatest value add. More about it here.


4. Affiliate revenue and bets on own platform
Newspapers can provide information on where and how to legally place bets and capitalize on affiliate revenue by redirecting readers towards odds and betting platforms. Thanks to third party integration with data providers of odds and betting, Live Center enables news outlets to pull in relevant, in-play odds from betting sites which redirect readers to the sports betting site.

All-in for the grand prize

Rikstoto, Norway’s leading horse racing and betting site, leverages Live Center’s live-blogging solution in exactly this way.

This kind of live information is time sensitive and specific, and would not make sense on our main website, which is why Live Center is so important. We can also augment the experience easily with content from other platforms, such as Twitter or YouTube, as well as images and videos, which makes the content more interactive and fresh.

–> Read the full Rikstoto case study here



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