Advertisement strategies for news providers using Live Center

Digital Monetization strategies with live coverage 

As a live-blogging software that enables journalists and reporters to cover breaking news in real time, a substantial part of Live Center is how the tool supports news outlets’ monetization strategies. Here is how newspapers can explore digital monetization strategies through live coverage.

Affiliate revenue

E-commerce: Retailers can partner with media news sites to ensure the creation and live coverage of buzz, with the aim to reach a wider audience for the deals they want to promote. On the occasion of seasonal e-commerce deals, for example, Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, news outlets can drive traffic to, and gain significant affiliate revenue from curated live blogs.


Live sports betting placements: As sports betting is becoming increasingly present and popular on various platforms for a wide range of sports, the news industry is now able to tap into this area and capitalize on real-time live sports coverage.

Thanks to third party integration with data providers of odds and betting, Live Center enables news outlets to pull in relevant, in-play odds from betting sites which redirect readers to the sports betting site.

By showing odds in the life feed, news outlets are able to increase reader engagement since odds indicate the sentiment about a possible winner. The odds data integration further enables journalists who cover the game to comment and make predictions around the game’s outcome, hence keeping curious fans longer on the site.

Live feed advertisement

A live feed refers to a continuous stream of real-time information or content that is published through a website or an app. For newspapers this typically refers to the real-time, continuously updated streams of posts or headlines that are published on a newspaper’s website.


The advantages of live feed advertisements are:


Increased revenue: By incorporating live feed advertisements into their content, newspapers can generate additional revenue from advertisers looking to reach their target audience.


Relevant advertisements: Live feed advertisements can be targeted to specific audiences based on demographic or geographic information, allowing local newspapers to deliver relevant local advertisements to their readers.


Engaging content: Live feed advertisements can be interactive and engaging, helping to keep readers on the site for longer and potentially increasing their engagement with the ads.


Data insights: By tracking the performance of live feed advertisements, newspapers can gain valuable insights into their audience’s interest and behavior and improve their advertising strategy over time.

Many news sites have already used live coverage to help their readers get in on the retail-deal magic or path to bet, while cashing in on affiliate revenue. 

With Live Center, news platforms have been able to achieve success metrics on different fronts:


  • 2x – 4x more page views than regular articles
  • 80% more ad impressions per page view than regular articles
  • 8x more page views per live coverage vs competitor

Are you ready to claim your part of the pie in one of the above monetization approaches with live coverage?