Cover real-time financial market dynamics and breaking stock news

Drive user return by being the first to cover the latest market news and enhance your posts with live price movements

Key features for financial and market news

Live blogging for financial and market news

Invest in providing real-time business and market news

Rally around real-time: Share live financial and market news instantly, delivering high performance


Avoid a margin call: Keep up-to-the-second news flowing, even in high-volume situations


Give journalists, analysts and financial firms the upper hand: Share real-time hot tips and analysis, reaching audiences with personalized content.

Make real-time market news pay dividends

Monetize flexibly: Increase revenue with native or remote live-blog ads and with exclusive content to drive subscription uptake


Exercise your options: Tap into the possibilities of other financial and market news products, such as Pulse

Take a stake in social

Enhance the bottom line: Connect your live blog with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social integrations for more immersive, up-to-the-second content


Transact on interactions: Drive engagement and interaction through social media channels to connect with readers and improve news reporting

Set the story’s terms with more data and content

Pursue high-yield data-driven storytelling: Pull in third-party and historical data, feeds, and other content using integrations and feed plugins.


Immerse readers in the experience: Bring events and stories to life with personalized data and in-demand features and functionality.

Already providing live market summary updates?

Live Center can be integrated with your existing market data provider if you already have one in place. Alternatively, explore our very own financial data portal solution, Pulse, which pulls stock market data in real time.

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