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Live Blog

We provide a live blogging platform for journalists to publish social media, images, videos, and all types of content in a live feed.

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Empower editors and journalist to cover breaking news and events as they happen.

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Live Center is easily added to your website or app. Using iframes, JS, or our APIs.

Engage your audience

Publish content and engage with your audience in real-time.

Monetize with ads and subscriptions

Our customers utilize the flexibility of Live Center to find new ways to generate advertising and subscription revenue.
Ads can be implemented directly in a live blog with both native or remote ads.
Generate subscriptions by publishing “Subscriber-only” posts, supported through Live Center’s Extensions.
Whatever your monetization strategy is, Live Center can play a role in your revenue mix.

Monetization ads, and subscriptions for Live blogs
Social media engagement platform

Social media engagement

Live blogging is an engaging and social form of communication. Live Center allows you to further drive social media engagement by natively finding Twitter accounts from which to automatically publish tweets.
Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram, Youtube, and any other type of social media can be embedded to bring life to your lo your live coverage.

Create rich media posts

Capture and post videos directly on your mobile, embed images, GiFs, Emojis and create interactive charts and diagrams directly in the editor – Live Center allows you to create engaging and rich live blogs with any type of visual content.
By live covering events using more than just text, you will be able to more freely and creatively focus on your storytelling.

Post visual and interactive live blog content

Fully customizable design

Whether you are covering breaking news, live sports, elections, or real-time weather or traffic don’t let your news feed be limited by default themes. Live Center allows you to design your live blog so that it feels integrated with your website and brand.

These are pre-made frames in Live Center. Do you want your own?

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