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Real-time Live Q&A

Create live Q&As and start engaging with your audience. Publish answers together with photos, videos, social media and other engaging content. Live Q&As are quickly and easily added to your website or app in just few clicks!

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create content

Empower editors to create live Q&A in just a few minutes.

publish content

Live Center is easily added to your website or application using iframes, JS, or our APIs.

engage with your audience

Allows your audience to ask questions and send in comments which you can easily reply to in real-time.

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What Live Q&A can do for you

The Live Q&A is perfect for any media outlets, universities, schools, and any other organization that wants to host live Q&A events on their website. Live Q&A is a real-time web application that allows your audience to react and share opinions on a topic or ask questions that you can reply to in real-time. Experience Live Q&A events in a highly engaging, interactive and effective way with Live Center.

Customized Q&A or Social Chats

Customize the design for a pixel-perfect finish. Highlight users’ questions at the top, provide Avatars for your users replying to questions, or create a summary of answers at the top feed.

Control and SPAM Filtering

Have full control over the content published on your Live Q&A by filtering out comments and questions. The Q&A feature enables you to manage questions from the audience quickly and easily.

Visual Content

Add videos, social media posts, infographics, Gifs, etc. to make your live feed more engaging and visual.

Post On The Go

Answer questions and comments on the go using your phone or tablet. Live Center renders beautifully on any device and operating system.

Keep Conversations Alive

Keep Live Chats and Q&As alive and engaging by scheduling posts ahead of time, publish countdowns to upcoming events, and include visual content in your posts to delight readers.

Easy Embedding

Live Chats are quickly and easily added to your website or app. Once setup, editors and content creators can operate on a self-serve basis without the need for any coding or developer assistance.

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