Live Sports Coverage

Live Sports Coverage

Bring the best live sports experience to your website and connect with fans using content that they love.

Sporting event liveblogs

Live sports coverage

Live Center provides tools for covering sport events that allow you to create a more engaging live blog for your audience.

Choose from our two scoreboards that support a range of sports including football, hockey, rugby, etc. Our sports theme skins and in-game event icons further allow you to create an engaging live sports blog and to highlight key events. 

Increase your engagement by collecting comments, answer questions from readers and automatically pull in tweets – the only thing that is missing are your journalists!

3rd party content such as sports data can automatically be pulled in and published to further enrich your live blogs.

Live scoreboard
Sport monetization

Monetize with ads and subscriptions

Our customers utilize the flexibility of Live Center to find new ways to generate advertising and subscription revenue.
Ads can be implemented directly in a live blog with both native or remote ads.
Generate subscriptions by publishing “Subscriber-only” posts, supported through Live Center’s Extensions.
Whatever your monetization strategy is, Live Center can play a role in your revenue mix.

Comment – engage with your readers

Attract and engage readers by collecting comments directly in your live blog. Moderate, reply, and publish your replies to your audience in seconds through three easy steps:
Our comment workflow supports collaboration between users by allowing both quick publishing of comments as well as an intermediate step to moderate comments if needed – perfect for large-scale news coverages.

Engagement platform
football Scoreboard


Choose from our two scoreboards that support football, rugby, hockey, basketball, and more. Together with our Sports theme skin and in-game event icons you will create a truly engaging live sports blog for your readers.

Sports Skin

Provide minute-by-minute updates to your readers using our Sports Skin. Together with a large library of in-game event icons you’ll be able to highlight key actions as a game unfolds.

football playing

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