Deliver play-by-play live sports experiences

Win over your fans time and again with personalized live sports coverage.

Cover live sports in real time

Live Center provides live-blogging tools for covering sporting events to create more engaging content for your audience.

Keep score

Choose dozens of scoreboards that support a range of sports including football, hockey, rugby, Cricket, F1, etc.

Cheer on your team

Use sports-theme skins and in-game event icons to further brand your live sports blog and highlight key events.

Reach the finish line first

Serve live sports news instantly, delivering high performance even in peak traffic during popular events

Put the ball in journalists’ hands

Empower journalists to build out richer, more relevant live blogs and expand their audiences.

Publish on demand at the speed of news

See the full list of features on offer for comprehensive live blogging.

Question and Answer

Comment moderation


Sports skin


Team up: Make the live sports experience interactive​

  • Boost team spirit: Engage fans for stickier site experiences with interactive features like comments, chat, and polls.

  • Take the home field advantage: Moderate, reply to and publish your replies to reader comments directly in your live blog – perfect for large-scale news coverage and engagement

Go in for the easy win: Monetize with ads and subscriptions

  • Game-set-match: Achieve the ultimate goal of increased revenue by implementing native or remote ads directly in your live blogs.
  • Get in on the action: Generate exclusive subscriber-only content via extensions to attract more subscriptions.

Play the social game: Embed live, no-lag Twitter feed

  • Stay ahead of the game: Keep social feeds moving as fast as the action does with real-time Twitter embeds.
  • Play a better game: Deliver more of what readers want with social integrations

Enrich the fan experience with data and content

  • Build your data dream team: Need an events calendar? Automatic scores? A play-by-play stats feed? Player headshots and info? Team standings or player rankings? It’s all possible with market data integrations and feed plugins
  • Swing for the fences: Hit a home run for readers every time using customizable extensions for additional features and functionality.

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