Norkon announces the launch of Parachute for Live Center
– 14th September, 2022


News organizations and media websites are all about breaking news, live coverage and real time. With up-to-the-second live blogging central to many media, sports, and news outlets, what happens if companies are suddenly unable to post content live?

No one wants to find out what happens when their website breaks. Not only do businesses risk losing their audience and readers, it will also put ad revenue at risk. 

How can news providers be sure to publish news content and report on live events without interruption no matter what problems their CMS, servers or other critical components run into?

Parachute: Pull the ripcord when needed

Enter Live Center Parachute, a fallback solution to ensure that live blogging platforms (and beyond) continue to publish live news, updates and blogs at the needed redundancy level.

Parachute easily integrates with Live Center or any other live blogging platform as well as any existing CMS. Whether a news site experiences minor errors or a complete server outage situation, Parachute will ensure that content lands safely.

Live Center Parachute was built to manage the full range of disruptive scenarios to ensure that the right deployment, redirection and continuous publication strategy serves live-content needs.

Staying alive: When every second counts

If serving and publishing content is a critical business component, Parachute provides an efficient way to get a soft landing along with a number of benefits.

  • Eliminate downtime
    Parachute is an independent, standalone solution to eliminate downtime and provide redundancy for any experienced disruption.

  • Retain control
    Organizations are able to decide when to deploy Parachute, controlling and configuring how to manage the level of criticality of the disruption to service.

  • Deploy and integrate easily
    Parachute integrates with Live Center, other live-blogging solutions and with any CMS, ensuring all of content is always up to date.

  • Keep readers and advertisers happy
    Reducing downtime helps preserve revenue and keeps subscribers and readers on their preferred news websites.

Every media and news company wants 100% uptime, and being able to serve and publish live content even when their site is down is core to the business.

About Norkon

Norkon is a SaaS company that enables media, news and financial organizations to deliver up-to-the-second live news, sports and financial market data to fuel audience engagement.

Norkon’s solutions are trusted by hundreds of media publishers across the globe.