Cover critical news and deliver urgent updates

Use live blogging to build public trust and share urgent news on unfolding events.

Key features for broadcasters

Live blogging for public broadcasters

Cover key planned and breaking events

  • Make every second count: Serve live updates instantly, even in peak traffic during popular events, keeping content rolling
  • Enable continuous coverage: Cover planned and urgent breaking events seamlessly

Project a bigger picture easily

  • Support the team: Ensure that large teams have easy access to live blogging and publishing tools
  • Enlarge the picture: Include ability to add social posts, images, and formatting to enhance content

Deepen audience trust

  • Brand your presence: Use fully custom branding/white-labeling to own the experience and engender trust with your audiences
  • Promote the public good: Create public trust by delivering urgent or critical public information
  • Maintain control: Keep control of data storage, processing and tracking, ensuring data privacy and security and regulatory and ethical compliance

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