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Case studies

Dagens Næringsliv, Norway’s leader in investigative journalism uses live blogging to keep news constantly fresh


Rikstoto, a leading horse racing and betting site uses live blogging to engage horse-racing enthusiasts and provide last-minute inside info from the race course

Archant Media increases traffic and engagement around 2019 General Election in the UK with Live Center

The European Parliament turned to Live Center in 2019 for real-time European elections


Amedia safeguards its extensive reach with a fallback solution to continue publishing content even in outage situations


This e-book explores some of the ways technology introduces for the future of journalism, media outlets and publishers who need to meet the demands for 24/7 news.

Covering live sports is a cornerstone of high-volume, popular journalism. In this e-book, we look into how live blogging can play a key role in helping media companies score on their growth goals.

In this e-book we dive into how media companies can trump competitors, scoop their coverage and navigate through the chaos of unpredictable campaigns and elections.

Mastering live coverage is an indispensable skill. This e-book dives into best practices to empower journalists with live coverage, how to leverage artificial intelligence to elevate your live coverage, and more.


Sports Betting and Sports News Publication

Reporting on live sports is a fundamental aspect of journalism as it makes up for a significant amount of web traffic. Find out how you can build out fan loyalty and capitalize on affiliate revenue.


What’s your strategy to successfully engage Gen Z and millennial audiences? Listen in to hear what the experts have to say.